Raekwon’s debut album turns 25 this weekend!

"Raekwon’s debut album turns 25 this weekend!"
Originally post on HotNewHipHop By Aron A.  July 29, 2020 18:56

Raekwon‘s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx remains one of the most influential bodies of work in hip-hop culture, ever. Raekwon, with the assistance of Ghostface Killah, delivered a body of work that led the way for gangsta rap to grow a life of its own. Saturday will mark the 25th year anniversary of its release. The iconic debut from the Wu-Tang member will be reissued along with all of the RZA-produced instrumentals on vinyl to commemorate its release.

While a vinyl re-issue is on the way, Raekwon recently detailed that the previously announced documentary is also “around the corner” from being completed. The rapper explained to Variety that he initially wanted this album to be accompanied by a film, though the label didn’t even entertain it.

“Instead of doing separate music videos, I wanted to do a 45- or 30-minute movie to the music, and basically paint a picture one time for the world. I did speak on that with the label, and when I talked about it they laughed at me,” he said about the one thing he wishes he could’ve done with the album before divulging on details surrounding the documentary.

“Oh, listen, we’re working on a super-big documentary about this album, which is right around the corner from being completed,” he continued. “It’s called The Purple Tape Files, and it’s called that because it addresses some of the issues we overlooked back then that we felt should’ve been incorporated with the album. It’s gonna be an interesting documentary, and the timing couldn’t be better.”