Veritasos Bracelet

Positive Begets Positive

Veritasos bracelets are more than a stylish fashion piece. They are blessed in the waters of the Dead Sea, arguable one of the most holy of places on Earth. We include salt from the Dead Sea with the purchase of every bracelet. Take this salt and leave it in the corner of a room to bless your home. We recommend using this salt in the same space used for meditation.

Brand: Veritasos
Title: Eye Of The Tiger Bracelet
Medium: Black Beads from the Dead Sea
Limited Edition For Tiger Clan $25 plus shipping and handling.
Size: M
Movement: Meditation

By learning to radiate positive energy into the world and practicing it on a daily basis, we become instruments of good. Spreading this message and practice will not only serve to improve our own daily lives but will also help to change the world for the better. Join us on our mission of positivity. For more info please visit